Saltette Beef Jerky in stores now!
Our beef jerky is now available for purchase by the pound! Shipping available. Order here.

You can also find our South African and Korean varieties at:
Bed Stuy Fresh and Local .
210 Patchen Ave
Brooklyn, NY, 11233

Texas-style sausage handcrafted in Brooklyn

  1. German potato salad
    German potato salad
  2. Brisket
  3. Sausage in a tortilla
    Sausage in a tortilla
Saltette Fare
We make smoked sausage, first and foremost. Fresh-ground pork is mixed with spices, stuffed into natural casings and finished in the smoker. Our sausage is served in a tortilla, San Antonio-style.
Varieties include:
  • Eddie's- a traditional South Texan beef sausage
  • Mexican Eddie- beef sausage with Mexican spices
  • Hog Link- pork sausage
  • Mexican Hog- pork sausage with Mexican spices
We also serve:
  • Smoked brisket (smoked 12+ hours, low and slow)
  • German potato salad
  • Home-fermented sauerkraut (vegan)
Buy our sausage and brisket by the pound to take home for later. Catering also available.
Wurst News
Here you can find information on upcoming Saltette shows, grocery stores offering our products, and random food musings by Saltette Manager/Owner Nikki Bartlett